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By now you probably know that at this years San Diego Conic-con International is was revealed that DC and Warner Bros plan to take their first step in forming their Justice League big screen team by adding perhaps one of the biggest Superheros to join Henry Cavill‘s Superman, The Dark Knight himself Batman. This part I’m sure you know because just like all the other media sites and Podcasts out there, we have covered this subject to death and as the film isn’t even due until 2015, we’re probably going to keep going.

So right now we know Cavill’s due to reprise his role, we know the movie’s rough release date and that is about it. Understandably, we have questions and the biggest one that keeps popping up in our fanboy dream scenario discussions is “who is Batman?”

As this title of this piece suggests Jon Hamm is a name that’s thrown around a lot and this makes perfect sense because… well just look at him, he looks the part and anyone who watches Mad Men knows he’s great at acting stern without emotion. Could the next Batman be Bathamm?

Well rumor’s have been flying around more than Superman himself of late and according to Batman-on-Film they have confirmation from multiple sources that the actor to play the next Batman will not be of a similar age to this iteration of Superman (like most fans would think), but would more likely be “a grizzled veteran who has been on the job, if you will, for several years.” Now this takes away from an original rumor that the next films plot involve The Dark Knight being inspired by the heroic acts performed by Supes and deciding to get in on the action, and brings in more of the theory that Batman will feel that Kal-El is a hero that could turn to become a powerful foe. to me the latter would make a more logical story line (after all, the except read to the Hall H crowd at SDCC was from the Dark Knight Returns, during the Batman/Superman battle).

In Batman-on-Film’s story about WB looking at actors in their 40’s for the role, they go on to say:

“fans should start thinking about dudes who are a very good actors and are in their 40s, like… Josh DuhamelJude LawGerard ButlerJosh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Brad PittBen AffleckJim Caviezel, etc.”

So again Hamm is generating interest here but running down the list there are so suggestions at different ends of the spectrum. Jim Caviezel is another name on the list who could really work as looking at the guy he is a perfect Bruce Wayne and not to mention that he is currently starring on Person of Interest, which is produced by none other than Jonathan Nolan (guess who his big Brother is?), pop a cowl on and lets see how he fairs. Gerard Butler and Josh Brolin seem to be suitable for the the whole grizzled look while Josh Duhamel would probably make a better DC villain than hero in this line up.

Three suggestions I just really couldn’t see donning the black cape are Jude Law, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. Not only would those three possibly case some backlash in the DC community but if reports are to be believed, Affleck even turned down directing the constantly troubled Justice League movie in favor of working on his own flicks and after his recent Oscar grab, you’d imagine he’ll want to stick to that path.

Judging by that suggested line up, Jon Hamm looks to be pretty favorable then?

The planned Superman/Batman movie is set to start production in 2014, with a release set for Summer 2015.


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