The Walking Dead: 400 Days Achievements List

 The Walking Dead 400 Days Header

*As is usually the case with Achievement/Trophy lists, please be aware that the following may include spoilers to the game’s story line.*


The Walking Dead: 400 Days is almost here (you know, for those of us that haven’t yet been given the privilege) and for those of you Xbox players out there that are salivating over the thought of those ‘easy’ achievements and want to know what to expect, then look no further than below:


Chain Gang Chain Gang Completed Vince’s Chapter 10(G)
Abandoner Abandoner Completed Wyatt’s Chapter 10(G)
Friends Like These Friends Like These Completed Russell’s Chapter 10(G)
Who Goes There Who Goes There? Completed Bonnie’s Chapter 10(G)
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Completed Shel’s Chapter 10(G)
Loose Ends Loose Ends Completed the Epilogue 25(G)
Two out of Three Two out of Three Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors 15(G)
Reunited Reunited Found an old friend 10(G)

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is available today in North America on the PlayStation Network and  will be rolling out to Xbox Live Arcade, Steam & the iOS App Store in various regions over July.

Season Two of The Walking Dead: The Game is expected to release much later this year.


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