New Predator project teased for Comic-Con

An image has been released that hints at a new Predator project being revealed at Comic-Con.

The picture was uploaded to the Facebook page for Robert Rodriguez’s 2010’s Predators film, showing a map of part of San Diego (site of Comic-Con, of course) with a quote from the original 1984 movie, and the hashtag #HuntThePredator.


You can see it for yourself below:

Predator Comic-Con Teaser


Now we don’t know if this is a sequel to that 2010 outing, or a new Predator game, or even a reboot of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic original. So all eyes on the Con for more information.


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  1. Hopefully not another craptastic movie by Robert Rodriguez!

  2. Poster of that quality just screams special edition re-release or mobile app.