Xbox One to be made Available Without Kinect?

XBox One Header

Xbox One bundles will be made available following it initial launch, in Summer 2014 without the Kinect. This news comes from an anonymous source speaking with Machinima’s Inside Gaming.

According to the source, there will be two versions of the console made available. One will be a standard bundle that will not include the Kinect, while the other will be a budget version that’s hard drive size is considerably smaller than that of the original version. Apparently these changes are to made in a plan to undercut Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Should the report be true, then this would contradict Microsoft’s assertion that the Xbox One will not function unless it’s Kinect is connected at all times. If this is the case then the early modes could be a ploy to create early adopters of the new Kinect motion camera.

Last month, Microsoft announced that the mandatory online restrictions would be lifted from the console with a day-one patch.


Xbox One is set for release this November and will reportedly cost £429.


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