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For those who Money in the Bank last night, you would have seen quite a few casualties coming out of the event, more specifically the All Stars main event.

And WWE have now confirmed the catalogue of injuries suffered during the show.

Christian suffered chipped teeth following a punch by Sheamus, with the force of the punch being so hard that there is concern backstage that he also suffered a concussion.

Cody Rhodes suffered a laceration above his right eye, and required five stitches.

Elsewhere, Rob Van Dam received 14-staples in his after he suffered a cut hardway from a ladder shot.

Lastly, CM Punk was badly cut open by the last ladder shot he received from Paul Heyman. As you may have seen on the show briefly, the whole right side of Punk’s head and face was covered in blood. WWE medical staff quickly cleaned up Punk and treated the cut as he was due to be shown on camera following the angle with Heyman, and couldn’t be covered in blood.


Punk later took to Twitter to post two pictures of the injury:

CM Punk Cut

Click for uncensored image *WARNING* Gory content


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