Marvel’s Comic-Con Line-Up

Marvel have announced that they will be holding panels at Comic-Con for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

More tantalising, however, is their tease in the press release that the panel will also include “an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe.” Given that Marvel have announced a few mystery film release dates recently, plus President Kevin Feige’s not-so-subtle admiration for Doctor Strange, you can probably bet the houses on an announcement on that particular project coming to the big screen.

There is also some suggestion that Marvel – no strangers to surprising the Comic-Con crowd – may take the opportunity to unveil their full Phase Three plans. With Ant Man test footage revealed at last year’s Con, plus that movie’s director Edgar Wright already booked to attend in relation to The World’s End, it seems all-but-certain that we should get some more Ant Man-related goodness. The leading role announcement, perhaps?

And let’s not forget, Stan Lee revealed over the weekend that Marvel are working on Black Panther. Is Comic-Con the chosen location to announce that one to the world.


As if they weren’t already, all eyes on the Con!


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