LucasFilm boss talks Star Wars Episode VII plans


Kathleen Kennedy has revealed an insight into the early production of the new Star Wars film.

The LucasFilm president was speaking at the Star Wars Celebration event in Germany, and she explained their plans for the film when it comes to emphasis on characters and story.


“The story and characters are all we’re talking about right now. We have an amazing team at ILM, who can create fantastic effects, but if we don’t have a great story and characters, the effects mean nothing.”

“I do think making huge popular culture, and I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of a lot it, well, it’s really hard to do and get right. And if you don’t spend the time you need on developing characters, and finding stories, complicated stories, the audience gets tired because they think they’re seeing the same thing again and again.”


Kennedy also spoke about the use of CG in the film, and as she worked on previous movie technology breakthroughs such as Jurassic Park, she is well-placed to discuss it.


“There’s nothing more exciting than to be involved in that kind of technological innovation. When the story ideas you’re working on contribute to pushing the technology. I really think that’s what’s so exciting about our business. It’s the imagination drives that innovation and new design. It’s a conversation we’re having all the time in the development of Episode VII. Looking at all the Star Wars movies and getting a feel for what even some of the early films did in combination with real locations and special effects that’s something we’re looking very seriously at.”

“So we’re going to find some very cool locations that we’re going to use in support of Ep. VII. And I think we’re probably going to end up using every single tool in the toolbox to create the look of these movies….It’s using model makers; it’s using real droids; it’s taking advantage of artwork that gets done that you actually can touch and feel. And we want to do that in combination with CG effects. We figure that’s what will make it real.”


Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled for release in 2015.



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