Kinect Sports Rivals Delayed Until Spring 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals, the latest game in Rare’s Xbox exclusive Kinect Sports series, has been delayed into the spring of 2014 and will miss the launch of the Xbox One. Microsoft confirmed the delay to Polygon, and defended the move claiming that it is designed to give Rare more time to polish the game and produce a higher quality product.

Since being acquired by Microsoft, the famed UK developer Rare remembered by many for its N64 classics such as Goldeneye and Banjo-Kazooie, has primarily worked on the more casual Kinect Sports titles. Kinect Sports Rivals is one of the showcase games for the new updated Kinect sensor which is capable of picking up fingers, hand gestures and facial expressions. Kinect Sports Rivals will feature over sixty sport mini-games such as Tennis, Bowling, and Jet Skiing and will be playable this August at gamescom.

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