Ron Perlman thinks there’s a chance of Hellboy 3

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Whenever Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro work together – which is a lot, anyway – the topic of conversation will invariably turn to Hellboy, and what the hell is happening with a second sequel.

Since the release of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army in 2008, rumours have confirmed the third outing, denied the third outing, or just generally not known what is going on regarding a third outing. But seeing as the actor and director are together again on Pacific Rim, del Toro’s upcoming monsters vs robots epic, Empire couldn’t resist the chance, as they say, to grill the actor on the possibilities of the red, horned beast gracing cinema screens one more time.

“Every time I’m with Guillermo, it certainly occupies a small portion of the conversation. And believe me, when we walked away from Hellboy 2, both of us had had the snot beaten out of us to the degree that neither of us wanted to ever see Hellboy again.

“Then, about a year went by and I realised we had asked the fans to invest so much in this saga, and the saga really is all about how it resolves, because this force has been summoned into the universe and the oracle says, non-negotiably, that he’s going to destroy the Earth and he’s been nurtured to be this force of good. So for the third instalment – it was always about the third – I said, ‘Guillermo, I know what a heavy lift it’ll be, I know it’ll have to be twice as expensive as the first two put together.’ I think there’s a chance.

“Both Guillermo and I want to do it. Selma (Blair) and Doug (Jones) too, it’s just a question of finding someone who thinks there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”


So it appears that for those us wanting to see what will likely be the last film in the trilogy, all we need to do is find someone who believes it will worth the money to get the thing made. While we are waiting for that, however, we can console ourselves with Pacific Rim, which hits cinemas on July 12.


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