Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Overhead Header

Today’s Grand Theft Auto V trailer shows the first public gameplay footage of the new GTA V, proving that although the series won’t make the jump to the next generation this year it can still look beautiful, pushing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles to their limit (and with a mandatory 8 GB install requirement, you can see why). Within the new San Andreas, everything is covered from sprawling cities to mountains, rivers and beautiful forests that players can explore as they see fit.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Grand Theft Auto game without lots of shooting and violence, which GTA V will happily provide. The trailer gives a quick rundown of the three playable characters (Michael, Franklin & Trevor) in GTA V that Rockstar announced earlier this year. Throughout the game players will use the three characters to plan a series of elaborate heists in an effort to get more money and likely advance the plot of the game.



Players can switch between the three characters at any time during a mission. The most interesting example shown in the trailer has Michael and Trevor breaking into a skyscraper from helicopters with gangster Franklin on a nearby rooftop providing sniper support. Players can switch between the three characters at will to take out people in the building, each with their own vantage point of the situation.

Outside of missions players can switch between the three characters to see what they’re up to during their free time. Players can use money from a heist to buy a new sports car for and a tattoo for Franklin, switch to Michael while he’s riding a bike with his son in the mountains and check in on Trevor as he runs from police cars and helicopters.

The trailer also teases the online mode of GTA V with multiple players running around the city, which could rival the bonkers Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta.

Rockstar have confirmed that the trailer’s footage is running on a PlayStation 3.


Grand Theft Auto V is due out on the 17th September for both PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 consoles. It has been been rumored for the PC too.


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  1. I spoke to a buddy of mine at RockStar back in December if the company had delayed the release of GTA V until this year considering all those that were upset about the delay. His words were, “To hell with anyone upset about the delay. Once they see this game, they will know and understand that their life of gaming has completely changed. This is what the future of games will aspire to be.”