New Bioware IP Being Worked On & Mass Effect 4 Info

The mysterious new Bioware intellectual property is being developed by an A-team consisting of developers from both Knights Of The Old Republic and Mass Effect according to executive producer of the Mass Effect series Casey Hudson.



This is the first we have heard about Bioware’s new IP since we learned of its existence earlier this year. Bioware fans should be able to rest easy knowing that the powers that be are getting the old gang together to give their new IP the best chance to succeed, while entrusting established franchises such as Mass Effect to their other studios. Speaking of Mass Effect, we also learned a little bit more about the next game in the series in development at Bioware Montreal, the team that worked on the multiplayer section of Mass Effect 3. Yanick Roy, Studio Director for BioWare Montreal, was asked whether there would be a system similar to Mass Effect: Genesis, which allowed players to make important decisions they missed from previous games via an interactive comic, and had this to say:



For obvious financial reasons, Bioware Montreal should want to attract as many gamers as possible for their new game regardless of if they played any of the previous games.  Those who have finished Mass Effect 3 know that if the next game is set after the events of 3, that it is going to be extremely difficult to create a game that reflects each players’ final choice because of how much that final choice changes the setting of the universe. The game could be some sort of prequel (or just a story set before the events of the original trilogy) but if the game is indeed a sequel it will be interesting to see how they decide to go ahead and handle all of the previous choices. Remember, we were ominously reminded to hang onto our Mass Effect 3 save files, so we will have to wait and see.

Are you excited about the new Bioware universe? What would you like to see in the latest Mass Effect game? Let us know in the comments.

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