Coming soon to an App Store Near You

With the mobile market increasing it’s dominance over the old fashioned desktop market we thought it was time to jump on the band wagon at full speed and get a mobile app in the works.

Thanks to the combined efforts of myself running at full steam on the code and my esteemed colleague Chris and his talent for design this dream has almost become a reality.

Over the next few weeks I will be keeping you up to date on the current development of the app and give you a run down on the features that will be available for you. In addition to this we will be asking for your help in the form of beta testing when the app is ready to deploy so keep an eye out for that announcement. There will be no restriction on the amount of people involved but we will be asking for registration so that we can set you up with an account to track any bugs you find along the way.

The aim is create an app that’s compatible and styled to work on every mobile device so tablet users you too will be able to enjoy the new user experience. Our main focus at the moment will be Android and iOS but don’t fret Windows Phone lovers you guys are our next priority. Unfortunately due to the cost associated with deployment on to a blackberry system we will not be developing anything for their devices in the near future but the good news is that Android phones are actually quite cheap.

Due to us currently being non-for-profit and Apple’s lust for money the first roll-out of the app will be on Android systems. Once everything has been green lighted by you fine people we will have some kind of garage sale to raise the funds needed for the Apple Developer Deployment licence and then you lovely iPhone and iPad users, for which we know there is many, will be sought after for your testing skills.


The good news is you don’t have to wait very long for a little taster as I’ve put together a little light web-based demo HERE so feel free to pop over for a visit. There’s a bit of information on what you’re be able to do with the app to keep you intrigued. Please also use the links on the page to spread the word of our impending arrival.

In the meantime keep an eye out for further updates from myself over on the Technology page and for all you Podcast subscribers keep a listen out for me discussing the app if I can convince our great hosts to let me on.

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A co-owner of the Palace and the Tech Guru. He also co-hosts "The Geek Show" podcast and hosts "The Unhinged Gamer" videos on TPoW TV. You can catch up by following him on Twitter or (most likely) gaming: PSN: UKMickyJay - XBOX: Micky Jay.