Did Sony remove camera from PS4 bundle to undercut Microsoft?

PlayStation 4 Controller Camera Header

Sony reportedly changed plans to include a camera with every PlayStation 4 console in order to present a cheaper console than Microsoft.

Following the announcement that the Xbox One – which comes bundled with a new Kinect controller – would retail at $499 in North America and £429 in the UK, Sony shocked observers and pleased fans by confirming that their new PS4 console would cost $399 and £349 respectively.

However, according to a report in MCV, Sony came to those prices after making a last-minute decision to not include a camera with every console. The company allegedly had two two presentations ready for their E3 presentation, giving them the chance to decide on a price depending on Microsoft’s earlier Xbox One price confirmation.

In the weeks leading up to E3, they had informed retail partners of plans not to include a camera, but did not reveal price details to avoid tipping their hat to their plans.

There are downsides to this move, however, with the removal of the camera leaving a major part of the new DualShock 4 controller – the built-in LED Move tracker – largely obsolete, as well as the fact that now users will have to separately purchase the Camera, it could lead to low consumer adoption, and also inconsistent support for the software.

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