E3: Wonderbook: Book of Potions & Walking with Dinosaurs

Wonderbook Walking with Dinosaurs Header

We’re one year on since the initial announcement of the PlayStation’s Wonderbook and following a lackluster launch along with a serious lack of support, it’s been pretty dormant. That is until now.

Since this years E3 conference begun we’ve already had the announcement of Diggs Nightcrawler and now we have information on a further two titles coming to the Wonderbook.


Sony initially announced that the BBC would be bringing their Jurassic documentary series to the Wonderbook  at last years E3, but since then we’ve not really heard about Walking with Dinosaurs.

Now we have a new trailer to show you for the interactive Dino experience which you can view for yourself below:


Book of Potions is the follow up to Book of Spells set with the same Harry Potter atmosphere, though this time in place of casting spells you’re mixing potions (such as the title suggests).

You can get check out the Book of Spells trailer below:

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