Marvel Heroes – Chronicles of Doom Episode 4

Marvel Heroes Chroicles of Doom Header

Next week Marvel Heroes the MMO/ARPG themed on (you guessed is) Marvel characters of page and screen will see its official game launch and to get you all geared up Marvel have sent out a new motion comic themed on the game.

Marvel Heroes – Chronicles of Doom is an episodic video series that seems to serve as a prequel to the game and center around the villain of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Victor Von Doom.

In the last episode of Chronicles of Doom; Doctor Doom had successfully infiltrated the Stark Tower to gather Intel on various Superheroes and Villains, along with the location of the Cosmic Cube.  Armed with a Legion of robots Doom has come after the Eternals, although their actions are not going noticed.


You can watch the Third episode of Chronicles of Doom right here:


Marvel Heroes will be released on the 4th June for Windows platforms and then OS X later after launch. For more information the head on over to


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