Dominic Cooper unsure of Captain America sequel role

Howard Stark Header

Dominic Cooper has admitted that he is uncertain of his return in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Cooper, who will reprise his role as Howard Stark in the sequel, told This Morning that he has filmed scenes for the movie, and also hinted that his part could lead to other things in the cinematic universe.


“I never know what to say about this. But I have definitely put the costume on. I have worn the costume and we have shot something, but how it’s going to enter into the next phase of what they are planning I don’t know. I sound so dodgy, I don’t even believe myself! I have shot some scenes.”

“I went off and shot something, but I can’t even work out how my character can be in it – wouldn’t I be dead? But anything is possible. They are quite secretive about where they are going to go with the characters and how it will slot in, you have no idea. So you turn up, put your costume on and do as you are told.”



Captain America: The Winter Soldier is due for release on April 1 2014.

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