Apple adds ‘kill switch’ to iOS 7


iOS 7 Activation Lock Header

Apple have become the first company to react to a challenge from a New York Attorney General by adding a new layer of security into their upcoming software update.

T3 are reporting that the company are to introduce a new feature called Activation Lock in iOS 7, which was revealed at WWDC earlier this week.


The challenge in question came from Eric T Schneiderman, who called on smartphone makers to add more security to their devices and make them less attractive to criminals:

“I would like to know what Apple is doing to combat this growing public safety problem.

“In particular, I seek to understand why companies that can develop sophisticated handheld electronics – such as the product manufactured by Apple – cannot also create technology to render stolen devices inoperable, and thereby eliminate the expanding black market on which they are sold.”


Craig Federighi, a senior vice president at Apple, commented on Activation Lock:

“We think this is going to be a really powerful theft deterrent,” said Craig Federighi, a senior vice president at Apple, reports CNN.



Schneiderman also mentioned Microsoft, Google and Samsung in his statement, and insisted that those companies will also be questioned.


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