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New XBox Reveal – Watch it right here

Microsoft will unveil their new Xbox  in Redmond tonight, the 21st May at 10:00 in it’s local time, or 18:00 here in the UK.


You can watch the next-generation of Xbox unfold right here on at The Palace of Wisdom:


So Join in tonight, what do you think will happen tonight? What games do you want to see? What features? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Tina Summerford, I would button bash her xxx-box! MILF

  2. Well this is definitely seems like more promising than what was offered up by Playstation for the PS4. Can’t see myself buying a new console in the next few years however going on this I might be switching from Sony to Microsoft which for me will be a big step as I have never played on a XBox and have had a playstation since PS1.

    • I’m not so sure right now as to which I’d pick up but I doubt either would be day one purchases for me (I’ve been burnt by shoddily built day one release consoles). It seems both parties are holding some pretty big cards for E3 so that, the price and whatever my friends are getting will probably play a factor into my choice.