WWE is a no go for ‘The Animal’ Batista

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As previously reported last month there has been high rumors of a potential in ring return for Dave Bautista (aka Batista) to the WWE. Just before Wrestlemania 27 we had received reports that Batista had been in tough training to get his body mass up to his former weight of 280, which he had previously weighed whist performing in the WWE before trimming down at the beginning of his MMA career.

Well towards the end of last month, the Animal added some more fuel to his rumor fire by sending out a rather inferring tweet:



As you can imagine this got the wrestling community riled up expecting that they may see the former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion come back to either Monday or Friday nights for at least one more run.

So just as the Animal giveth and the Animal taketh away, as Batista decided that it might be time to clear things up today, by once again sending a Tweet out to his fans:



Sadly it seems as though we won’t be seeing a Batista Bomb from the big man himself anytime soon, however if you’re a fan of seeing Batista on the big screen then you’ll only have to wait just over a year for when he’ll be portraying Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Marvel feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy. 



Sources: eWrestling News, Twitter


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