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WWE introduces a third ‘Paul Heyman Guy’

If you are reading the RAW results, and wondering who the heck Curtis Axel is, and why he is facing Triple H in the main event of the company’s flagship TV show, let me fill in the blanks.


Curtis Axel_Paul HeymanCurtis Axel was announced on Raw as the third Paul Heyman Guy. Formerly known as Michael McGuillicuty, Heyman introduced his new persona as a combination inspired by his father, ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig and his grandfather, Larry “The Ax” Hennig.

Axel also has a new entrance theme that is a play-off of the old Mr Perfect theme.


It makes sense for WWE to add a third member to Heyman’s client list, as it gives Heyman a reason to remain on TV (always a good thing) while CM Punk continues his absence, and Brock Lesnar is kept on TV due to his limited dates contract. The company are already suggesting on their website that Axel is responsible for Triple H’s current medical status, which would appear to indicate that they have plans to push the third generation superstar.



Source: WWE



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