Quicksilver confirmed for X-Men film; Avengers 2 appearance now in doubt?

Bryan Singer has confirmed that Quicksilver will appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The director tweeted the news earlier tonight, confirming Evan Peters will be playing the role.



Now, where this starts getting interesting is that Quicksilver – along with Scarlet Witch – was recently confirmed by Joss Whedon to be making an appearance in 2015’s The Avengers 2. The two characters are owned by Marvel, but on-screen personas and history belong to Fox. Which means an Avengers appearance for the two would have to be one that makes no mention of their mutant past or lineage to Magneto. This announcement by Singer has now caused confusion, leading many to speculate that there has either been some agreement made by Marvel Studios and Fox that the same character – possibly played by the same actor – will appear in two separate universes, or that the character will be portrayed by different actors in different films.

Hitfix are reporting that both Singer and Whedon have major plans and sequences set up for Quicksilver in their respective movies, so they say that “what we’re going to see is a legally-negotiated stand-off in which we’ll get two totally different versions of one character”.

Meanwhile, Borys Kit – writer at The Hollywood Reporter – tweeted in response to the Hitfix story that Fox can use the names Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, while Marvel can use the characters’ real names Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.







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