Netflix to increase spending on original content


Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has said that the firm will increase their spending on original content for the service.

The company currently spends around 5% of it’s content budget on original programming, but that figure is now set to rise to “10% to 12% to 15% over the next couple of years”, Sarandos told investors at the Nomura U.S. Media & Telecom Summit, Deadline report. Original content and unique shows will help Netflix stand out among current competitors, something underscored by last weekend’s new offerings of Arrested Development.


“We were thrilled with the customer engagement and reviews. [The new episodes] got a bad review in the New York Times, but it’s not a Broadway show and it’s not going to close because it got a bad review. People watch it over and analyze it frame by frame.…We made the show not for critics but for fans, and the fans loved the show.”


The fourth series of the cult show has received some criticism, but Sarandos stressed that there are actually few shows that could be brought back in the way Arrested Development was, referencing recent fan requests for Joss Whedon’s Firefly to also get the same revival treatment.


“About 6M people watched Firefly when it was on and the current audience would be fewer than the 6M who watched it. Arrested Development was different because the audience actually grew dramatically from the time it went off the air, in part because many people discovered the series on Netflix.”



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