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Infinate Crisis Gaslight Joker Header

A new trailer has been made available for DC’s new MMORPG, this time showing of the Gotham by Gaslight‘s version of the Joker.


Along with the new trailer is also a bio for the character and also a set of combat skills which you can read below the trailer:

Universe of Origin: Gaslight


The prosperous Age of Invention’s most infamous serial killer, Gaslight Joker butchers his opponents with bloody cleaver and swarms of starving rats.

Word traveled through Gotham of a “Laughing Butcher” who, with a joke and smile, led unsuspecting street dwellers beneath his shop to feed his pet rats. Batman heard these tales and sought this butcher out. The butcher fled and, in his flight, plummeted into a vat of chemicals. His face bleached and frozen into a mad mocking grin, he was transformed into “the Joker“.

Gaslight Joker wades into fights with sweeping strikes of cleaver and ham, often followed by his “pets,” a ravenous swarm of starving rats.



  • Blood Money – Regenerates health over time whenever you pick up credits.
  • Fetid Cleaver – Next auto attack deals bonus attack damage and damage scaling off your max health. Heals Joker for bonus damage dealt.
  • Shower of Filth – Throws a ham, fearing enemies and causing them to run away from the ham. Enemies hit receive filthy debuff.
  • Ham Snack – Skill shield protects you from the damage and effects of the next enemy skill. Gains bonus resilience to disables when shield is broken.
  • Rat Swarm – A horde of rats surrounds Joker, dealing attack damage and slowing enemies caught in the area. Deals 50% bonus damage to enemies affected by filthy debuff.


Infinite Crisis is set to launch at some time during 2013, but why wait all that time when you can sign-up for the closed beta over on

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