Google Glass app lets you take a photo just by winking

An enterprising young developer has made it possible to take photos using the new Google Glass purely by a wink.

Mike DiGiovanni devised the Winky app after discovering a way to take photos in a way other than vocally requesting it or using the side-mounted button on the side of the device.

He has also provided a short video demonstrating the Winky app;



Now, as cool as this looks, it won’t help halt the growing concern that Glass will provide a far easier for way privacy to be invaded. Supporters maintain that users will have to indicate if they are taking a photo or video, but if it is now possible to snap something just by scrunching up your eye a bit, it certainly raises security questions. This is something Google need to address in order to allay fears. However, if those fears and concerns can be calmed, there is a lot of interesting potential in this new development.


Source: The Verge


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