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An E3 Alternative for London with Loading

The Electronic Entertainment Expo of E3 as it’s more commonly known has become a benchmark in video game news and reveals over the years, however as the event is held in LA it’s a little out the way for us UK folk. This year if you happen to have access to the bright lights of London the Loading has your back.

Loading is a bar that had rose to fame from it’s Falmouth location thanks to its blend of video games, themed cocktails and coffees. Recently Loading ended up expanding with a new location occupying MADD in Soho and thus becoming The Palace of Wisdom staff’s favorite hang out spot in the process.

“Wow Loading sounds great, but how will this help me with not being able to attend E3?” I hear you ask… well maybe you didn’t ask that, but go with me on this for the good of the piece. During this year’s E3 event Loading will also be holding an event of their own called EToo, an Indie Gaming alternative.


TPoW Staff in attendance at Loading (Hard at work)

From the 10th to the 13th of June, EToo will be held at the popular London bar and will feature over 30 game developers who will all be there to show of their latest projects. These developers will have their latest games displayed on big screen TV’s all over the venue and will include:

  • New Star Games (with an unseen new build of New Star Soccer!)
  • Hello Games (Joe Danger)
  • Mediatonic (showing forthcoming title, Foul Play)
  • Nyamyam Games (Tengami)
  • Big Robot (Sir You Are Being Hunted)
  • Simon Roth (Maia)
  • Tom Francis (Gunpoint)
  • Tiniest Shark (Redshirt)
  • Alistair Aitcheson (Slamjet Stadium)
  • Curves Studios and Projector Games (Fortress Craft)


Also in attendance will be the little less Indy Capcom who will be running playable demos of Lost Planet 3 along with the new HD version of Nintendo classic platform title Duck Tales.


Some of the Tastiest (and probably the Geekiest ) Cocktails in all of London

EToo is sponsored by PlayStation and British tech company PlayJam who will both be involved with the event with upcoming titles The Last of Us and Rain being made available to play along with the new Android console, GameStick.

“This started off with me sulking on Twitter about not being able to go to E3,” says co-organiser Keith Stuart, the games commissioning editor at The Guardian. “Game developer Georg Backer replied and said we should do our own event. It probably should have ended there, but somehow it didn’t. The next thing is, Jimmy Dance, the owner of Loading Bar in Soho, was offering to host it. It was sort of like one of those Hollywood musicals – ‘hey, let’s put a show on right here’. But with less dancing. 

“We’re hugely grateful to Sony and PlayJam for covering the costs of this crazy endeavour so I don’t have to explain to my wife why I’ve spent most of our life savings on hiring video equipment.” 

EToo will take place at Loading (MADD) in Soho during the 10th – 13th June. The daily developer event is free to attend for the public, but anyone interested needs to pre-register. The evening livestream show, taking place between 19:00 and 00:00 every night, will cost £6 to attend. This includes a free drink. for ticket pre-registrations then jump over the the site.

For more information on EToo check out the Official Site, or the Twitter page.


Photos taken from and

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