The Rock Talks ‘Walking Out’ of WWE; Has He Wrestled His Last Match?

The wrestling world buzzed with speculation two weeks ago when The Rock missed the Raw following WrestleMania 29, with the talk being that he ‘walked out’ and missed the show without the company’s knowledge and permission.

It was soon revealed that he actually flew back to Miami immediately following WrestleMania to seek treatment on a hernia suffered in his match with John Cena, as well as tearing abdomen and abductor muscles. Rumours of backstage heat and problems died soon died down, and now Rock has spoken of the speculation and set the record straight on several topics. During an interview with Pete Rosenberg of Hot 97, he revealed what happened in the 24 hours following WM29, and whether he has now wrestled his final match.


“Was it my last match? Possibly….I’m really not too sure. I wouldn’t rule it out. The plan the whole time was to create the Miami [Wrestlemania PPV] and create the biggest show of all-time in the biggest market of New York.”

“The original plan was possibly Brock and myself…like, that was the next thing that made sense to me because, I love Brock and we’ve been friends for over a decade now and, we could have a great, athletic match. So, that was the plan, but when I tore two tendons off my pelvis, I had to fly home that day. So, we couldn’t do what we wanted to do at Raw that day. So, so, possibly with Brock down the road.”

“That’s so false [that I left without notice and missed Raw]. I talked to Vince that night when I was hurt. Vince, and Triple H, by the way, and John Cena and C.M. Punk came and all these guys came. All these guys came…it’s easier and more salacious if ‘The Rock just left’ but it’s just not how I do business by the way. So, that night, I saw the WWE guys, the Orthos. They did the fun test if one has a hernia, and Vince came by the locker room. I said I was hurt, then we agreed that I was not going to be at the show the next night. I wasn’t quite too sure where all the ‘scrambling’ came in. That afternoon, I got a call from one of the WWE writers asking me if there was a message…not only if I wanted to Tweet a message, but if there was a statement from the Orthopedists that you saw today.”


Source: Pete Rosenberg


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