The Pokémon Company new Legendary’s connection to Mewtwo

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The Pokémon Company International had recently revealed an image for one of their new Pokémon that bears a massive similarity with the original Legendary, #150 himself… Mewtwo. Today they have confirmed that there is indeed a very “strong connection” between Mewtwo and the new Pokemon.

We’ve been sent an animated video clip of what seems to be Mewtwo evolving into the new form (Mewthree? Mewtwo.5?), though it is still unconfirmed whether this is an evolved state or some kind of temporary energized state. Also we’re currently unsure how this new version of Mewtwo (or even the original) will play into the the upcoming Pokemon 3DS titles X & Y or even Scramble U on the Wii U.


You can check out the animated clip below:



Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are both due out in October for the 3DS, while  Pokemon Scramble U is due for release in Japan on the 24th April.


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