Warner Bros lining up Pacific Rim star for Justice League?

Charlie Hunnam Header

Some interesting news coming out of Warner Bros, as it is being claimed that concept art for Justice League currently being designed there is featuring Charlie Hunnam as The Flash.

The Sons of Anarchy actor will be featured in the upcoming Pacific Rim, and with that film set to be huge at the box office, it will see his profile raised going forward. A raised profile that could attract attention over at WB, perhaps?

Of course, this is only rumour, as concept art proves nothing. It could have been an artist’s decision to use Hunnam’s likeness, though if we were to speculate (which we do like to do now and again), maybe the art is the first step in Warner’s plans to attract Hunnam to the role. Maybe negotiations are already ongoing?

The planned Justice League movie still has no definitive future, with a mooted 2015 release date looking less and less likely with every passing report of disinterest in the project. Could the fact that concept art for the movie is still being designed tell us that plans are still very much being made for DC’s best to come together? We will see.



Source: Chud


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