Willem Dafoe joins Ellen Page in BEYOND: Two Souls

Willem Dafoe

BEYOND: Two Souls is the much anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive coming from David Cage and the fine folks over at Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophesy, Heavy Rain). The title already stars one big name in the form of  the Oscar nominated Ellen Page filling the main role, but now we have had confirmation that Page will share the spotlight with another Oscar nominee in the form of  Ol’ Green Goblin himself, Williem Dafoe.

Page will play the staring character Jodie, who possesses supernatural powers and has a psychic link between herself and an invisible entity called Aiden.

Dafoe will play the role of Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyse her powers.

BEYOND: Two Souls is set of release later this year on the 8th October for PlayStation 3 consoles.



Sources: PlayStation Blog


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