The Walking Dead: Season 2 not out until late 2014?

TellTale Games have admitted that The Walking Dead: Season 2 may not see release until the end of 2014.

CEO Dan Connors gave the news to Eurogamer, meaning that fans of the game should be prepared to wait a long while.


“We’re aiming for fall next year.”


Connors also revealed that he is not yet sure if the game will be released on the upcoming PlayStation 4 console.


“I would think so, though, but it’s all going to depend on timing I guess. But we don’t have enough information from [Sony] to announce it or anything.”

“But at the same time we’re going to continue to support everything else.”

“We’re going to have an opportunity where we’re going to be able to move onto the next generation of platforms and support the existing platforms all the way down to phone and it’s going to give us a real opportunity to manage the transition in a way I’ve never seen in my career, and I’ve been through like four of these, so I’m really excited about the opportunity.”



Source: Eurogamer

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