Scott Snyder talks ‘Batman: Zero Year’

Yesterday we reported on Batman: Zero Year, the new 11-issue series from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

And now Snyder has been talking to IGN about the series.


“It takes place in the continuity that’s established in our issue #0…almost six years ago….It’s really supposed to explore a period in Bruce’s life that you’ve never, ever seen before. And done in a way that will hopefully surprise you. For me, it was about realising that there was a period in Bruce’s life that was unexplored, in terms of setting up Batman and becoming Batman that you hadn’t seen in other books.”

“So I can promise you that with this one, you might’ve seen the origin or the transformative years of Bruce Wayne done a lot, but this is really our take and something different. While it’s very, very respectful – and I hope you guys agree – of the past and the stories we love the most, it’s also something that is us trying to give you guys something that you’ve never seen.”

Snyder also spoke about the differences between Zero Year and the iconic Year One.


“I started thinking about all the things we never saw in Batman: Year One; the adventures and the early years of Bruce that had been unexplored — a lot of the first things that happened to him. I was kind of planning on telling a story about that at some point. Then what happened is that I realized over the last five or six months that a lot of the things I was trying to work around from Year One, in my story, didn’t track anymore with the present day continuity of the [New] 52.”

“Believe me, nobody loves Year One more than me. Using that book as a foundation of what you build on is hugely important to me….’Do I do this more tepid early years story that tries very hard to work around the elements of Year One that we could actually show again to show that they exist still and just retread?’ Or does it become about saying, ‘I’m going to be respectful of Year One and the things that I love, but try and do something with Greg that’s our own and shows you how Batman became Batman in the 52?'”

“Can we ever touch the hem of a book like Year One? Probably not. Is Year One just a masterpiece that’s unattainable? 100%. It’s one of my two favorite books in the world. But that said, does that mean you shouldn’t try and do something that situates Batman as the Batman you love in the 52 that shows his transformative years in a new way that you guys haven’t seen while it still pays tribute to the stuff in [Year One]? That was the mission.”

Snyder also revealed that Zero Year will not be crossover like previous Batman series, instead being more self-contained.


“I’ve had so much fun collaborating with the other Bat-writers, it’s been a tremendous joy, but I do miss some of the singularity of stories that we did like The Black Mirror. For me, this is really something that’s just me and Greg doing our take on the early years of Batman without any really big crossover or anything like that.”

You can read the full interview at the link below, and Zero Year will start in Batman #21 in June.

Source: IGN

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