Scott Pilgrim DLC has finally been dated


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, a title that should win some kind of award for ‘Longest Delayed DLC‘, is finally getting it’s last update that fans have been waiting for since August 2012.

The DLC allows you to play co-op multiplayer online, as opposed to the local multiplayer offered when the game launched in 2010, and finally adds in the extra character, Scott’s roommate Wallace Wells. Four new Trophy’s will also be added to PS versions of the game.

Updates of the DLC’s release have come from the PlayStation Blog and had been confirmed before on XBox Marketplace listings.

Scot Pilgrim Vs The World’s DLC will hit the PlayStation Store for this week’s update and will set you back £3.99 ($5, €4.99), PlayStation Plus users enjoy a 20% discount for two weeks.



Sources: PlayStation Blog


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