Reaction to Paul Bearer segment on last night’s Raw

**Do not read any further if you have yet to watch this week’s episode of Raw and do not wish to be spoiled**


Last week, when news broke of the unfortunate and sad news of William Moody’s passing, many speculated if WWE would write a segment into this week’s Raw honouring him.

On Raw last night, the show opened with a tribute video, followed by The Undertaker coming to the ring and kneeling in the ring next to an urn. This was interrupted by CM Punk, Undertaker’s WrestleMania 29 opponent. Punk went on to declare that he will beat Undertaker and end the Streak.

The commentators played up Punk disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer, as did many viewers. But was there really any disrespect? Is it what Moody would have wanted?

In a report on ewrestlingnews, Ryan Clark is claiming that he has spoken to a member of Moody’s family, who says that the family gave the okay to the segment. We reported yesterday that Moody’s sons were going to be at Raw. Clark says that they were involved the devising of the segment.


“I received a text message from a family member of William “Paul Bearer” Moody after the RAW segment aired. When I asked why they allowed WWE to do it, they simply stated that Moody always knew it was just entertainment and would have almost surely approved of it. The family member confirmed to me that his two sons were backstage at RAW and talked to WWE management, Kane and The Undertaker earlier in the day. The sons agreed to a “stipulation” where the company would air a tribute video first, make it respectful and then and only then run with the CM Punk angle. The family 100% approved of the tribute and segment. The Undertaker also had a major say in what went down on RAW. WWE also agreed to run tribute videos throughout the show. That was an idea that The Undertaker suggested and WWE had no problem airing the videos. Kevin Dunn put together the videos during the afternoon hours with input from ‘Taker, Kane and Michael and Daniel (the two sons).”

Source: ewrestlingnews

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