Nintendo removes European eShop restrictions

Wii U eShop

Nintendo have confirmed that they have lifted their restrictions placed upon 18+ rated games sold through the eShop.

Restrictions had originally been placed for the European markets only due to the German Youth Protection Law and stopped buyers from purchasing certain titles between 03:01 and 22:59. This meant that if you wanted to buy a digital copy of Zombie U then you best wait till later, otherwise you can just browse the games details.


In a statement sent to EuroGamer, Nintendo stated the following;

“Following analysis of the Parental Controls system on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in cooperation with USK, the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body, it was deemed that Nintendo’s Parental Control system is of very high quality and offers a remarkable level of protection for children,”

“Nintendo’s Parental Control system was found to have proved itself in practice.”


Currently the Wii U has not been greeted with the level of success predicted by Nintendo, and combined with a price drop from retailers, will we start to see some success from the tablet based console?



Sources: EuroGamer


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