Nintendo found guilty in 3DS patent infringement case


A New York jury has found that Nintendo infringed on a patent for the glasses-free 3D technology used in the 3DS, and been ordered to pay over $30 million.

Reuters report that Seijiro Tomita – a former Sony employee, ironically – sued Nintendo for infringing a patent which related to the technology which generates 3D images without having to use 3D glasses.

Tomita’s attorney Joe Diamante alleged that Tomita demonstrated a prototype of his technology for Nintendo officials at a meeting in 2003, and that some of the officials at that meeting went on to work on development of the 3DS. Tomita patented the technology in 2008. Nintendo’s defence attorney Scott Lindvall countered that the 2003 meeting was just one of several that the company held with various vendors of 3D technology, and that the 3DS doesn’t use key elements of Tomita’s patent.

After listening to both sides, the jury ruled in favour of Tomita, and Nintendo were ordered to pay $30.2 million in damages.


Source: Reuters
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