New Injustice: Gods Among Us picture shows fighters looking like Shadow Link

Black Lantern

Yesterday we revealed a German trailer for DC & NeverRelm’s Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC pack Blackest Night, a pre-order pack advertised on Amazon.

Reportedly the DLC would feature extra costumes for the DC Characters to resemble that of the Green Lantern Story Arc Blackest Night. However thanks to a promotional image released, we can see clearly that the alternative fighter skins consist of; grey skin, darker outfits that show damage and red eyes.

Unfortunately its a far stretch from the cool looking black and silver suits and decomposing faces of the Black Lantern Corps and more like generic family friendly zombies.


Take a look for yourself;


Unfortunately it looks like another piece of attempted fan service and fallen short following the announcement of a Red Son DLC pack that would not contain a Russian Batman.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is due for release on the 16th April in North America, while the Shadow Link (Blackest Night) pack has currently been confirmed for pre-orders through Amazon in Germany and Australia so far.


Sources: IGN




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