Hogan: “Sting wouldn’t come to WWF”

Hulk Hogan has claimed that Sting refused to sign for the WWF back in 1987.

Speaking to Fighting Spirit magazine, Hogan says that following WrestleMania III, he told Vince McMahon to sign Sting so that he could replace Hulk as the company’s lead star.


“I have unbelievable respect for Sting – he doesn’t realize how good he really is. Sting should have already had his New York (WWE) run. I’ll tell you something; when I got red-hot after WrestleMania III, I was begging Vince to get Sting in the WWF so I could turn heel at some point. He had the blonde hair, he was 10 times more athletic than me, and I believed this guy could have the same run as Hulkamania, but take it 10 times bigger. I was telling Vince (McMahon), ‘Let me get this guy over’, because after beating Andre, if they’d brought Sting in and had him beat me, it would have made him this tall (gestures with his hand above his head). But Sting wouldn’t come; we tried and tried, but he just would not jump. Vince even talked to him last year, but still Sting wouldn’t go.”

Whether this is true or not, it’s interesting to think what could have been if Hogan had got his wish. Had he turned heel in the time following WrestleMania III, the landscape of the WWF would have been changed forever, and Hulkamania – as we know it – would never have happened. And even though Sting holds that unique position of being a bona ride legend that never worked for McMahon (and is an absolute shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame once his TNA commitments are at an end), how different could his career have panned out had he not refused Vince’s offers.

Source: Fighting Spirit

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