Former on-air talent returns to WWE TV (Smackdown spoiler included)

*The following includes a spoiler for this week’s Smackdown. If you are planning to watch Smackdown this week and would prefer not be spoiled, do not read on. You have been warned.*

During a segment with The Rock on last night’s Smackdown tapings (yes, The Rock actually worked Smackdown this week), former on-air authority character John Laurinaitis returned.

In the segment, Laurinaitis told The Rock they were “two peas in a pod”, inasmuch as The Rock was the People’s Champion, and Big Johnny started People Power. Laurinaitis volunteered to be in The Rock’s corner at WrestleMania 29, leading Rock to ask the crowd for what he should do. Inevitably, they reacted in favour of Rock, so he hit the spinebuster and the People’s Elbow.

The segment was reportedly a massive hit with the live crowd, and should make entertaining viewing on Friday’s airing.

Regarding Laurinaitis, ewrestlingnews are reporting that there are no plans for Laurinaitis to return full-time, and that the segment was done so that “The People’s Champion” could hit the “People’s Elbow” on the man behind “People Power”.

That’s a shame, as I miss Johnny from TV. I think there is definitely a place for him on the show.

Source: ewrestlingnews


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