Don’t Starve gets a Release Date

Don't Starve Header

New survival sandbox Don’t Starve, from Kei Entertainment (Developer for Shank & Shank 2), has been given a date for release.

Don’t Starve drops players into a random-generated world with the burden of surviving for as long as possible. Players must balance their health, hunger and sanity as they traverse the fancifully designed playscapes. When sanity drops, players will hallucinate enemy creatures which can ultimately harm the them.

It’s currently in Beta and is heading to the PC and Mac via Steam on the 24th April. Expected price is estimated around the $15 (about £10) point.


Here’s a trailer to wet your appetite a bit;



Sources: Joystiq


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  1. Highly recommendable, the beta is getting updates very often. The expected price is a bit high though, given that for the same price you now can get the beta and a second copy to gift, so I wouldn’t think it twice…