Child racks up a Whopping £980 bill in The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Theo Rowland-Fry, an 8 year old boy from Felton near Belfast has shown his Parents one of the many downsides to the increasing strategy of micro-transactions after spending a massive £980 on in-app purchases whilst playing the chart-topping iOS title The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Young built up the bill by constantly spending real money on the Tapped Out perk of Donuts (Purchased to exchange for money, items, buildings and Characters). His parents discovered the transactions after finding that their bank balance was noticeably low.

In an interview with The Belfast Telegraph, Mr Roland-Fry had the following to say;

“Theo is only just eight and has no real concept of the monetary value,” he said

“As far as he was concerned he was just buying donuts. We know others caught out by the same thing. I appreciate children are their target audience but it is not right and there needs to be specific controls in place to stop this from happening.”

Reports of micro-transactions getting out of hand with children have been on the increase in recent times. This follows a similar story in where an other child, this time five years of age had managed to rack up a whopping bill of £1,700 during an in-game spending spree through Zombies Vs. Ninjas on the iPad.

Apple have chosen to refund both families of their offspring’s purchases after hearing the reports, while Parents of both sides are now calling for stricter procedures when it comes to in-game purchases.

So what do you think? are micro-transactions too easy for children to partake or should parents be more mindful of the kids spending habits? Let us know in the comments below.

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