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Achievement Unlocked: Xbox Favourites in need of PlayStation Trophies

Since the release of the Xbox 360 I’ve been what is known as a bit of an achievement whore, I have devoted what little free time I’ve had to obtaining that little ping “Achievement Unlocked”. I don’t really know what the obsession is, it could be the reward, it could be my great love of statistics and my need to measure everything with a number, either way I’m far from alone on this one.

About a year ago I decided to dust off my PlayStation 3, which I had purchased purely as a Blu-ray player, and see what all the fuss was about concerning trophies. Suddenly I had a reason to play games I hadn’t played on the Xbox in years, essentially new achievements, my passion for older titles rekindled.

I set about on a mission around town, to all the second hand games retailers in an effort to pick up some of my old Xbox favourites for the PS3. It wasn’t until I actually sat down with some of these games that I realised that not every game had been given the trophy retro-fit, not even some of the best-selling games of the generation and I wondered why.

Surely a trophy patch could be nothing but beneficial to the games developer, there are many hundreds of thousands of trophy hungry PlayStation users out there. One example of the benefits is Metal Gear Solid 4, a patch four years after release actually helped with sales for the premium branded version.

This got me thinking, what great games out there would I most like to see get the trophy patch, games that I would go out tomorrow and buy were it not for the lack of that excitement, that challenge at achieving the trophies. I’ve come up with five of my all-time favourite Xbox 360 games which are yet to benefit from a PlayStation Trophy patch.

Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4

A genre favourite for me, the Devil May Cry series has always provided stunning graphics, insane storylines and just great hack’em slash’em.

Now from what I can work out this game was released only weeks before the PSN update which introduced trophies, so why didn’t they patch the game back then? In more recent times the series has had the HD Collection released and yet still no trophy patch for DMC4.

Sadly if you’re a fan of DMC and want to share you demon slayer skills with the world then like me your best bet is going to be the HD collection.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lego Star Wars

Now I love the Lego games, what’s not to love? Yes I am a 29 year old but if there’s one thing that brings out the inner child it is Lego, throw in Star Wars and you’re always going to have winner.

The other appeal, for the achievement/trophy whore, is how easy these games are to complete.

I honestly don’t believe that the lack of trophies will have any effect on the sale of this game but the extra incentive of the trophies would definitely encourage at least 20 hours of extra gameplay.

I for one wouldn’t say no to another easy, yet incredibly enjoyable, platinum trophy.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Quite literally the game that helped make gaming history. Since its release the modern warfare franchise has gone on to break more records and win more awards than any other.

This game isn’t going to be any kind of disappointment without a trophy set but I did somehow feel a bit at a loss when I finally picked up all of the intel packages and there was no reassuring ping that told me “great job, here’s your reward”.

Of course for most Modern Warfare players there is only one reason for a trophy set, the bragging rights to be being part of the Mile High Club. Possibly the hardest achievement I ever came across on the 360 it is something that the famously passionate CoD gamers are proud to have on their gamercard.

The best PS3 gamers can do is “come round and check out my save file”.

Assassins Creed

Assassian's Creed

One of the first things I’ve done since making the move from the Xbox to the PS3 is invest in all of the Assassin’s Creed titles. Possibly my favourite franchise for its ability to push the boundaries of what the hardware is capable of doing, I will admit that the PlayStation versions are a lot more stable. So when I finally sat down to make a start on the story from the beginning I was devastated to discover that AC 1 was not given the trophy retrofit.

Originally released when Sony had the mind-set of “that award system is just a fad”, the game and the gamers would benefit from having trophies.

The thing that I’ve found with a number of games, especially Assassins Creed games, is that unless there is a trophy for it I’m less than likely to go hunting all of the hidden item or complete the side quests. For many games this isn’t a major issue but for Assassins Creed the gamer could be missing out on an important part of the overall story which currently spans seven games (AC1, AC Bloodlines PSP, AC 2, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations, AC3, AC3: Liberation Vita).

The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

My number one choice is Oblivion. This was the first game that showed me what the Xbox 360 was really made of, an insanely large open world that differed very little from its PC counterpart. The game has its flaws, one of the biggest being the fact that Patrick Stewarts voice over work isn’t used throughout the game but more importantly was the menu navigation and quest selection, obviously designed for the PC version. Even with these faults though I was hooked.

Although the main quest line is enjoyable and any gamer is likely to sink huge amounts of time into Oblivion on the PS3 my experience on the Xbox was a lot more varied because of the need to get the achievements fuelling greater exploration and side missions.

I’m sure anyone seeking the Skyrim platinum trophy will agree.



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