The Podcast of Wisdom 26: The Next Generation of Gaming

In this Official Episode of the Podcast of Wisdom, our Heroes (and Morgan) discuss but are not limited to:

  • Lots of Casting News
  • Lili on iPad
  • Sony’s Big PlayStation Reveal
  • Jack Swagger’s Arrest
  • Battle of the Geeks – Is the New WWE Championship any Good?
  • And much, much more…



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For more information please check out
Voice over work performed by Greg Gernon & Chris Coleman
Music performed by blarsa of
‘Battle of the Geeks’ Theme O Fortuna, with backgrounds Spanish Flea & Jeopardy Countdown song
SFX provided by FreeSFX and YouTube


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Sometimes writer, wannabe animator and podcast creator that talks far too much. Coleman is a collection of atoms that formed in Gosport and relocated to London.


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