Robert Bowling Announces new title for iOS & Android


Robert Bowling (formerly of Infinity Ward) has teamed up with Saturday Morning RPG developer Mighty Rabbit Games for a brand new mobile game called Breach & Clear.

Game Informer reports that Breach & Clear is a tactical game involving a number of Special Ops groups on Counter-Terrorism missions.

Bowling is serving as the Executive Producer for B&C and says mighty Rabbit and himself are hoping to “change the conversation” on mobile gaming.

“With Breach & Clear, we’ve taken the design principles of creating a major console release and transferred that to a title that just so happens to be launching on mobile devices,” he said.

“Our focus is to take a gameplay experience and mechanic that is built from the ground up for mobile or touch control and enhance it with the depth and progression you’d expect from a AAA console release.”

Breach & Clear is slated for release on Android and iOS platforms later this Spring.


Sources: Game Informer
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