No new Batman film until 2019?; And how does it affect Superman?

A new report claims that a Batman reboot movie may not hit cinemas until 2019.

Batman-On-Film claim that their sources have told them that due to scripting problems with the planned Justice League film – causing that picture’s future to now be in doubt – Warner Bros. will put Batman on the back burner. Says the source;


“Don’t worry about the Batman [film] franchise. It’s [Warner Bros.’] most valuable [DC Comics-based] asset….I believe that they are now looking at introducing [the rebooted] Batman in a solo film, though that will likely take place later than they initially planned. They are extremely worried how [the Batman film franchise] would be affected if Justice League bombs…and rightfully so.”

The site’s source then goes on to claim that DC’s other major superhero could gain from this delay.


“If Superman [in Man of Steel] is huge, then DC have bought themselves some time and will have a franchise to hang their hat on for seven, eight years. The need for Batman won’t be as great, and [the reboot] of that franchise can wait until the Superman trilogy is done.”

And when asked we could then expect to see a rebooted Batman movie;


“Under that scenario, I’d say around 2019 or so.”

Given the commercial and critical success of the Dark Knight Trilogy, and the less-than-positive response to a mooted Justice League film, this rumoured timeframe may work out best for everyone. Batman gets a movie break, the world gets a refreshed, revitalised and epic Superman trilogy, and then one day – potentially six years from now – we get a new Caped Crusader returning to the big screen.

Source: Batman-On-Film

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