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Huge Marvel rumours; popular comic book storyline to get big-screen treatment?

After last week’s report about what could be upcoming for Iron Man in the Marvel Universe, it’s time to switch over to another Marvel character, and naturally….
BIG SPOILERS AHEAD! Seriously, don’t read on if you want future movie viewing to be unspoiled.

Right, it’s The Hulk’s turn.

Ever since Mark Ruffalo’s ridiculously-well received turn as Hulk in The Avengers, many fans have been wondering if Marvel will give it one more go with a solo Hulk film. Well, IGN are reporting (via Latino Review) that those long-planning Marvel bosses are indeed sorting out Hulk’s future, and longtime Hulk comic book fans will be happy.

The website claims that in The Avengers 2, Hulk will be “shipped off Earth” by Marvel’s version of the Illuminati.

A quick stop for those not familiar with the Illuminati: they were a group that Tony Stark originally saw as a ‘government’ of superhumans, proposing the idea to Mister Fantastic (representing the Fantastic Four), Namor (representing Atlantis), Black Bolt (representing the Inhumans), Professor Xavier (representing the X-Men), Black Panther (representing Wakanda), and Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme of Earth). The idea was dismissed, but the group did agree to routinely meet to discuss information.

Anyway…Stark suggests that Hulk – fresh off destroying Las Vegas, though the location could be changed on the big-screen – should be shot into space to stop him causing any more havoc. The idea is met with argument, but it goes ahead anyway, with Namor predicting that The Hulk will eventually return to Earth to seek revenge.

So that’s you all caught up, let’s head back to the story…

So Hulk gets sent to another planet, but an unscheduled trip through a wormhole leads him to be stranded on Sakaar. Several fights later, Hulk finally gets back to Earth. More on that shortly.

So yes, if comic book history is followed, one of Marvel’s Phase 3 movies will be a live-action Planet Hulk film. Interestingly, Marvel head Kevin Feige has previously commented on a Planet Hulk movie, saying;


“I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. Planet Hulk is a cool story. World War Hulk is a cool story.”

I know what you’re saying, what is World War Hulk? I did say more on that shortly.

The popular World War Hulk storyline was built around Hulk’s return to Earth and mission for justice and revenge against the Illuminati. There was, of course, much more to the story, but whether a lot of that will make it to the big-screen remains to be seen. And reportedly it will be seen, as Hulk’s banishment from Earth in The Avengers 2 will see him return in The Avengers 3 for a version of World War Hulk.

Much like the Iron Man rumours, we will have to wait and see if this turns out to be true. It does sound good though.


Source: IGN
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