Check out all the PlayStation 4 Rumors before tonight’s Announcement

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So tonight is Sony’s big event that’s rumored to be the reveal of the PlayStation 4.

Well before you watch the live stream tonight at 23:00 (18:00 EST), why not read up on all the rumors we’ve managed to gather up (along with a few from our staff).


The Console

So lets start off with the hardware rumors for the actual console. The latest speculation is that the PlayStation 4 will come packed with 8GB of system memory along with 2.2GB of video memory, an AMD R10XX GPU and an AMD Bulldozer eight-core processor.

A familiar sight of the Blu-ray drive, which we have all become accustomed to thanks to the PS3 (also rumored to be included in Microsoft’s next console). Also rumored are four high speed USB 3.0 ports, two Ethernet ports and the hard drive size is expected to be around 160GB.

Reportedly the specifications of the PS4 are an accurate comparison to the latest development kits that were sent to the game studios back in January of this year.




The Controller

Last week two images of a prototype PS4 controller have been slapped on every game and tech site on the web. Looking simulacra to the classic controller we’ve all come accustomed to since the original PlayStation controller was introduced in 1994.

Though distinctively familiar to the original design there are some key changes to note. Firstly the overall shape of the controller looks a bit larger than usual with a more shapely body, which should be a bit more comfortable this time round.

Thankfully the twin sticks still exist, although they appear to have a ring rim at the top of the sticks.

The regular shape buttons along with stat and select can be seen clearly, but joining them appears to be a home/share button that bares the PlayStation Logo.

A headphone jack can also be seen, whether this is a prototype design, for headphones or some kind of wired headset though is yet to be seen.

Lastly to bigger additions to the controller are the presence of a screen (originally rumored to replace the twin sticks but thankfully not) and an top light, similar to the PlayStation Move sticks.


“I think it’s safe to say that tonight we’ll see the announcement of the PlayStation 4.

What I’m hoping to see is the console, the new controller, the retail price and maybe some of the top tier games we should see before launch. With the recent activity coming from Gaiki’s direction these last couple of days and the rumors of backwards compatible streaming, there’s a pretty good chance we could see some information on that too.

Cross-Play was a concept that had gotten a lot of gamers excited, however the feature has rarely been used between the PS3 and Vita. It’s a bit of a long shot but I’d like to see that this feature will be used more frequently going forward. 

It’s would be smart for Sony to announce everything in terms of Hardware, specs, features and prices now why they have the worlds attention (and the world is watching tonight), with the majority of game announcements being fed out over the many game expo’s throughout the year.

Whatever happens at this point will be big news thanks to the amount of hype put into tonight, even if this all turns out to be a re-release of the PlayStation Vita… in Pink!

     – Chris Coleman


The Games

There have been many reports regarding Sony’s favored developers working on next generation titles, including; Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Quantic Dream, Media Molicule and Team Japan.

Whether we see any tiles announced tomorrow is unsure (and a bit of a stretch) but if we do, we could be hearing from the likes of Uncharted, Killzone, Little Big Planet and the Last Guardian. There is also talk of a new installment to the hugely popular Call of Duty series.

Sony has patented technology to stamp out used games and rumors of the PS4 blocking second-hand titles has been floating around for almost a year. It’s important to note that just because Sony has a patent on such a technology, it does not mean the company will actually use it.




The Price

£300 – $400 seems to be the price that’s floating around at the moment (reported in newspapers for UK and Japan). This price point is likely to be something of a sweet spot with most games eager to become a day one adopter.

It is expected that Sony will however not reveal prices tonight as they could be holding out for Microsoft to unveil their next consoles price to the public first and then decide from there.


“We all know what we’re getting tonight, we’re looking at a new console. I think the rumours we have heard will largely prove to be correct, I can’t think of too much that Sony can pull out that will surprise us.

I expect the leaked prototype controller we have seen pictures of to be very similar in appearance to what is unveiled tonight, if not exactly the same. Sony also need to work on the PS Store ready for console launch as well. They overhaul a few months ago did not go well, and I think a new console – especially a console that may support/recommend more online game purchases and streaming – needs a top-line outlet to go with it.

The rumoured pricing structure also interests me, and will be hugely interested in what is announced in regards to that.

Overall, I expect us all to either love/hate/admire what is unveiled tonight, and for all eyes to then be on Microsoft to follow suit later this year with the new Xbox.”

     – Andrew Tanner


The Features

Over the weekend we found out that The Wall Street Journal reported that the PS4 will be backwards compatible using streaming capabilities for gamers to carry on their PS3 titles.

Also reported in The Wall Street Journal was that the PS4 may have the ability for cross-play functionality between the console and smartphones/mobile devices, carrying on functionality that exists currently with the PlayStation Vita. Grabbing trophies on the go with your mobile is something fans have wanted for awhile, though if this is true then don’t be too surprised to see this feature locked down to Sony only phones and devices (much like Microsoft’s Windows, XBox and Windows Mobile account linking).

PS4 will reportedly be massively hyped towards the  world of social media. Integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube supposedly will allow players to share trophy notifications, statuses and upload videos  to share with your friends.

Last year Sony paid out $380 million for the live streaming service Gaikai with the intention of establishing a new cloud service. Since the acquisition all has been quiet, could this be the rumored backwards compatibility streaming? Or maybe something bigger? Recent activity from Gaiki reported ovr the weekend would suggest that we should see something from the Stream team tonight.

According to an unnamed Sony official speaking to Japanese newspaper Nikkei this month, specs will be important for the PS4, but won’t be the system’s selling point. This person said Sony will push the platform as a home entertainment “nerve center.” More specifically, the source said Sony will focus on the PS4’s ability to connect and share with mobile devices–widely perceived as competition to traditional gaming platforms.




The Launch

PlayStation 4 is expected to become available to purchase in the last quarter of the year, just in time for the big November releases and of course… Christmas. As the original PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 all hit the market during the September/November period, this could be a pretty safe bet.


“Hopefully the PS4 will support the new ultra HD upto 4k resolution. By the time any announcement come out for PS5 etc it could be quite the norm to see Ultra HD TV’s and Monitors in the home. The idea behind backwards compatibility and streaming games via the cloud this would be another feature which could persuade me to purchase a PS4.

Everything is streamlined to have as much availability for the internet as possible and in this day and age it seems almost pointless to own even a 360 without having access to the Internet.”

     – Pete Morgan


Well that’s it then, we have searched and scrapped to gather up all the information we can and all the rumors to give you a better idea of what to expect tonight, however it might just be easier to just tune in tonight an watch the Sony presentation for yourself right here



Sources: Source links are included in our original posts, linked throughout this article.



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