Clerks 3 to become a book?

It’s been considered to make it a Broadway musical. It’s been considered to get a cinema release as the third in the trilogy. And now, Kevin Smith has admitted that Clerks 3 may become a book.

At least, at first.

Talking to What’s Trending, Smith has revealed that he would consider releasing the book online, chapter by chapter. This would allow to him to garner feedback from fans as he is writing the remainder of it. He would also be able to explore the characters more personally. As an example, Smith said that the first chapter of the book would focus on Dante and Randall meeting for the first time in kindergarten.

About the idea of it being a book first, then turning into a feature film, Smith said;


“It would be the ultimate expression of Clerks 3. The money will always be there if I do it as a feature, but if I want to get real creative, I’d break it down [into smaller pieces] and do it online.”



Source: What’s Trending

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