WWE vs TNA lawsuit over

TNA’s lawsuit against WWE has ended.

The conclusion came yesterday when TNA voluntarily withdrew the suit after both sides agreed to cover their own legal costs, PWInsider reports. The suit was initially filed when TNA learned that Brian Wittenstein – a former office worker who was employed by WWE – had downloaded various pieces of information, including contracts and talent agreements, onto a flash drive. WWE actually informed TNA of this when they came to learn of Wittenstein’s actions, but when Ric Flair informed TNA that he wished to be released from his contract in order to return to WWE, the Orlando-based company went on the offensive, claiming WWE were using the information obtained by Wittenstein to “interfere with existing talent contracts.”

Early on in the proceedings, the court placed a temporary injunction against WWE, requiring them to return the information to TNA. When WWE presented evidence that proved they had actually returned the information to TNA before the suit was filed, the injunction was dropped.

Also, despite widespread rumours claiming otherwise, WWE was at no point prohibited from approaching former TNA talent, or existing TNA talent whose contracts were expiring. In regards to Flair, WWE presented documents which showed that TNA had released Flair from his contract, and claimed they had no interest in hiring Flair to a contract. Of course, since Flair’s no-compete clause with TNA has ended, he has made two TV appearances for WWE.

There has been no word on whether a settlement was agreed between the two companies.


Source: PWInsider

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