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WWE Raw 20th Anniversary – live blog


Welcome readers, to the Palace of Wisdom’s official Raw 20th Anniversary live blog!! Advertised for the show so far is a Divas Championship match between Eve and Kaitlyn, Daniel Bryan and Kane undergoing their 4-month evaluation with Dr Shelby, and The Rock presents a Rock Concert! Also expected are legends from the last 20 years of Monday Night Raw, plus lot’s more.

So let’s go down to ringside….


*Great montage of all the Raw openings from over the years to start the show.

*Fittingly, Vince McMahon starts the show in the middle of the ring.

*Vince says that  over 4 billion viewers have watched Raw since it started. Staggering.

 *Vince announces Cena vs Ziggler inside a steel cage!

*Former World champion Big Show interrupts…

*I smell a World Championship rematch tonight.

*And here comes the new World champion. To an encouraging good face pop.

*”Si, si, si, si” chant going on.

*Show: “What does the letter ‘C’ have to do with anything?!”

*Del Rio vs Big Show at the Royal Rumble.

*Cole, Lawler and JBL on commentary. No Jim Ross. Disappointing.

*Shawn Michaels has just tweeted “Gotta run, hope y’all enjoy #RAW20!! #20RawAnniversary” Michaels is expected to appear tonight.

*Raw highlight: Bob Barker hosting Raw. That was a good episode.

*Wade Barrett in the ring. Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett already in the ring. Against Randy Orton, it seems. Don’t waste Barrett here.

“They are showing wrestler tweets on a screen crawler. God forbid they don’t push the Twittah!!

*Just used the WWE app they keep pushing, the Raw Active feature is actually a good little thing. Well done WWE.

*Clean win for Barrett! Wow! Did not expect that.

*They are pushing that the first inductee of the 201 Hall of Fame is going to be announced. Umm, wasn’t Foley already announced as that on last week?

*Kane and Daniel Bryan’s 4 month evaluation. This is fun.

“Damien Sandow correcting Dr Shelby. Brilliant.

*Kane vs Sandow up next.

*Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars announced for Royal Rumble.

*Kane wins. Nothing match.

*Now they are officially announcing the Hall of Fame inductee. I guess a article isn’t official, but TV is?

*And here’s Foley. Good reaction for the soon-to-be Hall of Famer.

*Shield are here. Interesting development.

*Ryback for the save. Great pop for Ryback. Vince will like that.

*Orton and Sheamus getting involved as well. Six-man on the horizon?

*Raw’s outrageous gimmicks! Chainsaw Charlie…Doink….Goldust…Man Mountain Rock…The Goon…Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese!…Bastian Booger…GILLBERG!!!…Damien Demento…William Regal, the Real Man’s Man. God what an awful gimmick. Good montage, some awful characters there.

*Divas Championship time. The story we’re running on the site suggests the outcome to this is a little predictable.

New champion…shocker…Good little match, to be fair. Pretty creative finish as well.

*Brodus Clay interview…referencing CM Punk’s promo last week. Clay vs Punk tonight?

*Paul Heyman has just tweeted that CM Punk is up next, so it seems it is indeed CM Punk vs Brodus Clay. If that match isn’t over inside 2 minutes, something is wrong.

*The champ is here.

*Day 421. 14 months. Staggering.

*Crowd firmly behind CM Punk.

*Punk wins with the Anaconda Vice. Nice to see that hold again.

*Punk has a microphone….

*Standard Punk promo. Which is still better than most, of course.

*Rock and Sock reunion!!

*Rock and Foley have always had great chemistry. Their stuff in the 90’s was awesome.

*Foley: “You Rock Bottomed me last year.” Rock: “No-one remembers that.”

*Great pop for Sheamus. This is an over-the-top-rope challenge, apparently. I’m guessing against 3MB?

*Apparently Eve ‘quit’ WWE during a commercial break on their second screen Raw Active app.

*And it is 3MB. Wow.

*Slater wins!!

*Mention for Braden Walker!

*Energetic promo from John Cena there. Was actually pretty good. I wish the rest of his character was good.

*Flair on MizTV? Okay, I’ll buy it.

*A so-so episode of Raw so far. They’ve talked about the 20th Anniversary, showed a few videos, but not much else. Disappointing so far.

*And here’s the Nature Boy. Woooooo!

*Miz annoys me now. Flair is being wasted here.

*That was actually quite painful to watch Miz mark out working with Flair.

*Tyson-Austin segment from 1998. That was hot then, and it still works now. People were going crazy over this. One of the absolute greatest wrestling angles I have ever seen.

*Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes now.

*And it’s over. Wow. Are they trying to keep time? How long is Rock going for tonight??

*They’ve just shown Eve ‘quitting’. Not much of a reaction.

*And here’s Jim Ross!!

*Ziggler-Cena up next. Guessing we have this and then Rock Concert main events. None of the rumoured big names yet.

*No Austin…No Michaels…No Taker…Unless they’re going to show up during Rock’s segment (though that would be a nice nod to the Attitude Era)

*Please WWE, let Ziggler win this win. Please.

*Decent Cage match so far. They have really emphasised that Ziggler is looking for ‘that definitive victory’.

*The ‘Super Cena’ thing is beyond tired now. If Cena as WWE champion is how WWE is going to go this year, ratings and buyrates are going to plummet.

*Cena wins again? Seriously?? Ziggler is done now. They have just killed off the best hope they had for a new main eventer, all to make Cena look good. Once Mania is done, and the part-timers go, leaving Cena as the only one left around, I think I’m done with this show.

*Rock Concert time. Down to this to save this show. And it needs it. This show has been very disappointing.

*I mean, I know WWE had Raw 100 six months ago, and maybe they don’t consider the 20th Anniversary to be something special, but this has been a really poor show considering the occasion.

*Punk-Rock #2…

*Decent pull-apart, not much of a promo. What a waste of a show.


I’m not going to summarise that show, I can sum it up: Poor. There will be a big audience for that, and they deserved better. Much better.

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