Who you gonna call? New Ghostbusters game comes to iOS

There’s something strange in the neigh….well, in the App Store at least, as today has seen a new Ghostbusters game be released.

The freemium sim sees Peter Venkman and co. hire new members of the group, in a mission to clear a 50-story haunted tower. To do so, you will need to answer Busts and defeat the ghosts to collect slime which is required to move to the next floor in the tower. Along the way, you collect items for research, hire new members for your team and upgrade your equipment. Of course, as this is a free-to-download game, the inevitable pay restrictions rear their head – for instance, to play as the famous original four ‘Busters, you need to cough up real money.

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All in all though, it is a fun game that will keep you interested and coming back. The addition of the familiar Ghostbusters music is a nice touch as well. And let’s face it, if you like Ghostbusters, you are going to try this. Who you gonna call, indeed.

Ghostbusters can be downloaded for free for iOS devices from the App Store.

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